Dir/Co/Contact         My role

Escada                                                    2007            RSA                                              Model Supervisor

McDonalds                                             2007            Dan Betteridge                            Models

Muller                                                       2007            Independent Films                     Mattes

Sheba  2006            Nick Ellis                                       Forced perspective miniatures

Levi                                                           2001            Black Dog                                    Breakaway miniatures

Lee Jeans                                                2001            Black Dog                                    Visual effects

Alahli Bank of Kuwait                           1996            Mirage Films                                  Designer, AD miniatures, motion controle

Dettol                                                       1995            Eye of the Storm                           Miniatures, artwork

Rowntrees                                              1995            Eye of the Storm                           Miniatures, artwork, digital mattes

Sunday Times                                         1995            Greystoke Productions            Scenic Artist. Models

Rioby Thunderbirds                              1995            Arkadon                                      Miniatures, scenic artist

Nik-Naks                                                 1995            Brian Byfield Films                       Scenic Artist.  Models.


Swedish lager                                         1995            MOD, Sweden                             Mattes

Norwich Union                                        1994            HLA                                               VFX Technician

Model Maker

Post Office                                                1994            Brian Smithies                          Art Director

Firework Safety                                       1994            Eye of the Storm                       Art Director

Leo Bar                                                    1994            Picture House Prodns              Art Director

Armadoodler Fruit Show                             1994            Moland Film co              VFX Designer

MacLeans Toothpaste                                 1994            Spots                            Camera, pack shot,

animation, sculptor

Heinz Salsa                                            1994            Harry Films                 Mattes

Bank of America                                     1993            Arkadon                         Motion controle

British Deaf Association                                1993            Walker Dobney              Glass shots

Bonnay Cosmetics                                  1993            Spots                            Camera, packshot

Northcliffe Newspapers                               1993            Walker Dobney              Animation Director

Stannar Stairlifts                                     1993            Boyle & Payne               FX Technician

Babycham                                              1993            Paul Weiland             Scenic Artist.


Nissan Flamenco                                     1993            Walker Dobney              Scenic Artist

Mansfield Beer                                        1993            Walker Dobney              Scenic Artist

Boncafe                                                 1993            Walker Dobney              Scenic Artist.


Kellogg’s Choccos                                    1993            Boyle & Payne               SFX Rigs


French Telecome                                     1992            Peerless                                    Mattes

National Power                                        1992            Arkadon                         Mattes

Batchelors Microchef                                   1992            Walker Dobney              Animation Supervisor

Branston Pickle                                      1992            Walker Dobney              Pack shot animator

Nissan Phoenix                                       1992            Walker Dobney              Scenic Artist

Burger King                                            1992            Walker Dobney              Scenic Artist

Phineas Fogg                                         1992            Paul Weiland             Miniatures, artwork

Babycham                                              1992            Paul Weiland             Models


BNFL                                                     1992            Walker Dobney              VFX Designer


Motion controle

Molson Dry                                             1991            Quintin Bell                   Glass shot

KP Ringos                                              1991            Moving Picture Co            Art Director

Gerry Anderson                       Model maker

Rostrum artwork

Domestos                                              1991            Moving Picture Co            Art Director

Gerry Anderson

Dulux                                                    1990            Matthews & Humphreys            Glass shot


Scotch Videotape                                              1990            Moving Picture Co            Art Director

Gerry Anderson

Ready Brek                                            1990            Moving Picture Co            Models


Weetabix                                               1990            Paul Weiland             Miniatures


Fiat                                                       1989            Nick Knight               Special effects

Suchard                                                 1989            Arkadon                         Mattes

Cadbury’s Caramello                                   1986            WestburyDesign             Sculptor

SFX Rigs

Other commercials worked on:

Sony Playstation                                     Hoover                                      Ikea

Adidas – World Cup                               Lotto (Billy)                            Tango

British Gas